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When I Travel in First Class What Amenities Am I Missing by Not Using a Luxury Private Jet?

Amenities You Miss When Not Using a Luxury Private Jet

Travel in first class offers some advantages not found in coach travel. However, there a number of amenities that you'd enjoy with a luxury private jet that commercial first class travel cannot deliver. Here are just a few advantages of luxury charters that you should consider.

  • Elimination of long security lines. Go right to your luxury private jet and board your aircraft.
  • No embarrasing shoe and clothing removal at security checkpoints.
  • Privacy. It is almost impossible to have serious business discussions on a commercial aircraft while surrounded by strangers.
  • Comfort and luxury. While first class travel offers more comfortable seats than coach, the seating cannot compare to a luxury jet charter. If you need to rest more than work, you can often convert your luxurious seat into a very comfortable bed.
  • Make your own flight schedule. Being at the mercy of commercial flight schedules, you have little choice when you will fly. Luxury travel on a private jet, however, allows you to schedule flight times that are convenient for you.
These are some primary amenities offered by luxury jets. Once you start flying for business or a luxury travel vacation on private charters, you'll enjoy other advantages that enhance your trip experience.

What if I have a special handicap?

Air Charters Accommodating To Handicapped

In most cases, airline carriers may not refuse transportation to people on the basis of disability. If a carrier excludes a person with a disability on safety grounds, the carrier must provide a written explanation of the decision. Carriers may require up to 48 hours advance notice for certain accommodations that require preparation time (e.g.: respirator hook-up, transportation of an electric wheelchair on an aircraft with less than 60 seats). Carriers may not limit the number of disabled persons on a flight. Before booking your private aircraft charter service, check with your charter consultant to ensure handicap accessibility is available on the planes you're using.

What kind of food will there be onboard?

Eating With Style On Charter Flights

Luxury flying? Don't forget to dine in luxury. Many luxury air charters have pre-set menus from their caterer of choice, but specialty items can be requested for your flight. Consider a special bottle of wine and caviar platter, and order plenty of snacks for you and your guests. Some catering companies that work with jet charter services sell a single plate price and others incorporate the price into the charter. Talk to your private jet charter consultant about dietary restrictions and any allergies you have to certain foods before booking your flight.

Did you know that in-flight caterers can also serve as event planners? If you're traveling for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or big business deal or celebration, ask your caterer for some ways to make the trip special. Birthday-cakes, special activities and holiday decorations can be ordered ahead of your trip. Usually, with creative planning, your holiday celebration does not start when you reach your destination - but it begins just as you step on-board your luxury aircraft.

Do the Same Firms Offer Luxury Charters for Both Business and Pleasure Trips?

Luxury Charters for Business and Pleasure

Luxury charters are an unmatched way to travel, whether you're flying for business or pleasure. Most of the best air charter companies are highly experienced in matching clients with the perfect luxury private jet for business or pleasure; always providing first class travel.

Unless you need a pure luxury travel vacation company – and typically you don't, as many of the best companies that provide luxury jets also have working relationships with vacation specialists – you'll be able to get the best aircraft to provide you with travel in first class. Often, a common occurrence in business, short notice luxury jet charter needs, is not a typical issue with luxury travel for pleasure.

However, should you decide on a Friday morning that you want to get away for a long weekend, your favorite business air charter firm should be able to have a luxury private jet ready for you by the end of the day. You'll still get to choose when you want to fly and not be at the mercy of sporadic commercial flight schedules. Whether you can provide long or short notice, your preferred air charter company should be able to offer the same excellent service for pleasure luxury travel as they do when meeting your business trip needs.

Must Luxury Charters Always Involve Jet Aircraft?

Luxury Charters Don't Always Involve Jet Aircraft

Luxury charters often involve luxury jets, but you can enjoy first class travel on other aircraft, too. If you're taking a short trip, are cost or fuel conscious, or don't require top available speed to reach your destination. You can enjoy this travel in first class without using luxury jets.

Turbo-prop aircraft, like those from King Air, offer comfort, fuel efficiency, and short takeoff/landing distances, allowing you to reach a local airport fast and, possibly, very near to your destination, you'll receive maximum comfort, first class travel, and luxury charters without long, embarrasing security lines, inconvenient flight times, airport delays, long commutes from terminal to destination, and lack of privacy.
You can even take luxury charters – without using luxury jets – to enjoy a luxury travel vacation. With cabin accommodations up to eight or nine traveling companions, air speeds at 300 miles per hour or faster, fuel economy, and luxurious seating, you can enjoy travel in first class with your own private turbo prop. Let one of the premier air charter brokers at like Blue Star Jets arrange your next business or luxury travel vacation on a comfortable turbo prop aircraft.

What Is the General Cost Differential Between Travel in First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet?

First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet

Luxury private jet newcomers typically assume there is a huge cost difference between luxury charters and first class travel on commercial airliners. While you certainly have the option of spending a king's ransom on a luxury jet charter, if you wish, you might also find the difference of using luxury jets and commercial travel in first class to be minimal in relation to the amenities you receive.

In addition to eliminating long, embarrasing security lines, airport delays, inconvenient flight times, and being surrounded by strangers, you might locate flights that minimize or even eliminate cost differentials. These savings are sometimes offered by some of the premier air charter brokers because of their extensive expertise in the luxury travel industry. They know which charter companies may be offering “specials” or “sales” – cost savings that you might not be able to access through your own efforts.

They are also aware of empty leg flights, when a luxury jet charter must fly to another destination without passengers, which can result in a major cost savings. While it is impossible to provide an overall general cost differential between luxury jets and travel in first class, you might save 25% to 50% of typical luxury charter fees by using an empty leg luxury private jet aircraft.

What Should I Consider Before Booking a Luxury Travel Vacation With an Air Charter Company?

Luxury Travel Vacation Considerations

To fully enjoy a luxury travel vacation, consider saying goodbye to commercial airlines and using a luxury jet charter. Before you make the decision you should consider a few items:

  • How long is the trip for which you'd like to experience first class travel? Regardless of your choice of luxury jets, you'll enjoy comfort and luxury. But, longer trips may dictate a roomier cabin or possibly a sleep stateroom with a full size bed.
  • How many people will be in your vacation party? You'll want a luxury jet charter that carries your party in total comfort.
  • If you're leaving your home country, learn what landing, gate, terminal, and tourist fees are payable to your destination location.
  • Would you like your preferred charter travel consultant to handle other luxury travel vacation necessities? Among services the top air charter brokers typically offer: Booking hotel or resort lodging, arranging limo transportation from your terminal to your living destination, procuring a rental auto, booking mini-tours, and arranging all the in-flight services you want (dining, audio, video, etc.).
Instead of being treated like royalty only after you reach your destination, consider luxury jets to transport you and your party on your luxury travel vacation in total style and comfort from door to door.

What Are Some Quality Luxury Jets I Should Consider for Shorter Business Trips?

Luxury Jets for Shorter Business Trips

Unless you need raw speed at the expense of all else, shorter business trips should not involve a decline of your luxury travel expectations. There are a number of light luxury private jet aircraft that provide all the amenities of travel in first class – and more. The premier air charter companies, like Blue Star Jets, offer a great selection of luxury charters for any trip length.

For example, among the best choices are Citation aircraft. They offer at least ten wonderful luxury jets in the light and medium categories. As most charter fliers, business and luxury travel vacation users, are aware, Citation aircraft offer speed, reliability, safety, and fabulous luxury.

Another choice for shorter trips that require both superior speed and luxury is LearJet. Although perceived as “less roomy” than some luxury jet charter choices, LearJet delivers speed and comfortable, relaxing seating. This combination is perfect for shorter flights, when sleeping staterooms and extra roominess are not necessary to enjoy a wonderful trip.

Beech and Falcon also offer light jets that, while cozy, offer a superior combination of speed and luxury, perfect for shorter trips. Combining luxury with fuel efficiency, these light jets will deliver you to your destination refreshed, relaxed, and ready to make that business deal happen or that vacation perfect.

How do I get real first class service on a plane?

First Class Travel on a Private Plane

There's first class travel and then there's real first class travel, which means traveling in style and the luxury you really want to. When you own or charter a private jet, you can literally have all of the luxuries that you desire and you'll never want to fly commercial again.

First class in general means the best there is. First class on commercial airlines simply means its the best you can get on a commercial flight. You still have to fly on their schedule, depart and arrive at their few chosen airports and incur any delays or cancellations that do happen. You have shorter check-in and possibly shorter security lines, but you still have to take off your shoes. Your luggage gets a First Class tag, but it's still slow in arriving and possibly lost. You get better food and lots to drink, but are served on the flight's schedule. You sit with fewer neighbors, but they are still not necessarily your coworkers. They play more movies and music, but it's not your selection. All in all it's far better than the back of the plane, but its far from true first class.

True first class is getting exactly what you want. Your schedule, your departure and arrival point, your routing, no delays or waiting, no screaming kids, the food and drinks you want, served on your own schedule. On-board services that you want and no interruptions of any kind. THAT'S the exact First Class travel experience you get with a private flight. And to get that class of travel without having to have a first class budget, you want to charter your flight. By chartering a private plane, you get true First Class travel, without undue expense, since you only pay for each trip as you take them.

How can I have a true luxury vacation?

Start Your Luxury Vacation With a Private Jet

Luxury vacation travel is equated with many things: five star hotels, world-class restaurants, one-of-a-kind spas and exclusive resorts. How you get there should be equally luxurious. Forget commercial airplanes and crowded airport lines. Don't be delayed by layovers or connection times that don't work on your schedule. Charter a private jet to start your luxury travel vacation off in style. Onboard you can have a personal chef, onboard entertainment and even a hair stylist. Make sure that your precious vacation time begins the moment you arrive at the airport. When your plane lands at your destination, you are already relaxed, pampered and rested.

According to, you may encounter those who charter or own their own private jets at these popular spots for movie stars and sports celebrities. Look for Ted Turner in Patagonia, Argentina or Tom Cruise in Australia. Bermuda is perennially a favorite of the rich and famous. The pink sands and pristine golf courses are a very short private plane ride from the continental United States. Many who own private jets may own private islands and why not? If you need privacy, convenience and have the means, the sky is the limit. There is no reason to travel with the masses when you can fly your way in first-class style.

Can I make calls or send faxes while flying?

Using The Latest Electronics Onboard Private Air Charter

In today's world, it would be hard to not come in contact with something electronic. You can't get into a car that doesn't have all the gadgets, bells and whistles and modern private jets are no exception. For business or private, a jet can help you deliver an important document or send a birthday card while flying over Japan. It would be impressive if there were only one computer or multimedia center on an aircraft, but today there can be as many as three. Imagine multi-computer networking from any seat on the plan. A traveler also has the freedom to move around the cabin while talking on the wireless Satcom phone. Do your children like playing games? For some of those longer flights, your children can have hours of fun on a Playstation video game system.Day or night, you can stay in contact with the rest of the world from the luxury and comfort of a private air charter jet.

Are there showers available on Air charters?

Extreme Lavatories On Private Air Charter

You'll find only the most beautifully designed interiors aboard a luxury air charter heavy jet. To further compliment them, owners have spared no expense when it comes to lavish lavatories. Have you ever washed your hands in a gold-plated lavatory sink or grabbed a towel from a heated towel bar? Onboard you can freshen up in the fully-equipped showers with massage heads to totally relax the weary traveler. In addition, there is perfect lighting for shaving or putting on make-up. There's no mirror sharing here, with enough space for two, and plenty of storage space for all your things. The lavatories aboard these fine aircraft are elegant and functional.

What are some extreme amenities in air charter aircraft.

Extreme Amenities In Air Charter Aircraft

Among some of the most extreme amenities found on air charter aircraft today are the lavish suites. The spacious rooms would rival almost any four-star hotel with full dressers and countertops made of fine imported woods. There is furniture and window shades that can be drawn down for privacy from the outside or left up to enjoy the view from 30,000 feet. Imagine lying in a full-size bed and looking out your window to the heavens or to do a bit of stargazing. Just like home you can watch your favorite entertainment from a 42-inch plasma TV or listen to your favorite music. The custom lighting creates the mood of luxury and comfort.

What other toys are there in air charter?

Private Sea Planes For Charter

Want to take your luxury travel to the sea? Consider chartering a private seaplane for your next travel adventure. Seaplanes can be a challenge to board since they sit somewhat off the ground. The pilot should be well trained in the operation of this aircraft because although it is a water/aircraft, some come equipped with landing gear. If the landing gear is down when making a water landing, you're going to get wet. But they are an exciting way to travel, to go fishing, hunting or just see the sights.

What can I expect in heavy jet luxury?

What To Expect In Heavy Jet Luxury

Luxury private jets offer all the comforts of home and more. A personal flight attendant is onboard to cater to you and your guests and insure your travel experience is a pleasant one. Once aboard you may feel like kicking back and enjoying a movie or listening to your favorite music. That's easy to do on a luxury private jet with state-of-the-art electronics and technology on board. The luxury jet pilot and first officer are top in their field, who take the time to answer any of your questions and ensure your safety and security during the flight. Talk to your private jet charter consultant about the various luxury jet accommodations and amenities available with your charter jet membership.

What luxury services are available on a private jet?

Private Jet Accommodations And Services

Chartering a luxury private jet means getting better than first class service. Most people think of catered meals and customized in-flight entertainment, but a private jet offers many more choices, including the ability to get a flight that will comfortably seat the number of passengers you plan on having. Why cram 10 people into a small aircraft when a larger jet can seat them comfortably? Once you get them on board and in the air, you can provide an in-flight masseuse or hair dresser. When you book your luxury flight, you should be assigned a concierge who can discuss all these details with you in advance. All options will be explained including price structure, the kind of jet you'll need for the size of your travel group, and much more.

Some people like to combine business with pleasure on a luxury private jet. If you need a work space for laptop computers or other specialized equipment, you may need a larger jet to properly accommodate both the passengers and your work area. A small or medium sized luxury private jet may not have enough room for both, depending on the size of your party. Be sure to ask your concierge about your options for larger groups when you require additional space to set up laptops, portable displays, or other items.

What options are available before and after the flight?

Luxury Charter Jet Travel - Before And After The Flight

When planning luxury private trips with a travel expert for services don't forget to anticipate special needs such as limousines, catering or hotel accommodations. Special arrangements for handicapped travelers generally pose no problem, but travel to more exotic locales in the Far East or South America require a bit more advanced planning, especially for those with particular dietary requirements. Kosher dining, for example, may need to be planned in advance for a trip to Japan or South Korea. These accommodations are often easily solved in the planning phase of luxury charters if enough time is available to make the arrangements. Ask your jet broker travel expert what options are available for your scheduled destination.

Is there any luxury left in flying?

The Ultimate in Luxury Travel is a Private Jet

When you really want to travel in style, a private jet, whether you own one or charter one, is the ultimate in luxury. The total control of your itinerary, your flight departure times, the size of the plane, the passengers you take with you and where you fly from and to, is entirely up to you. Personalization is the epitome of luxury travel. When you own or charter a private jet, everything is centered on your needs and wants. When you want to go, where you want to go, who you want to go with and in what type of aircraft you want is all up to you.

If you are going on a long-haul flight for your vacation, you can decide when it's time to eat, sleep or relax. You can have a masseuse onboard if you decide to or a personal chef. Remember when going to remote destinations, you may never have to make connections and wait for hours in overcrowded airports. Layovers could be a thing of the past! Charter jets have access to ten times as many airports than do commercial flights (which means that 9 out of every 10 airports is a private one), opening up many more destinations to you that may be off the beaten path, closer to your vacation spot.


Luxury Charter Jet Travel - Before And After The Flight

Luxury private jet travel go beyond the details of the flight itself to include all the special arrangements desired by the traveling party. The top charter companies like Blue Star Jets offer limousines to and from the airport, comprehensive travel services to arrange restaurant reservations, five-star hotel accommodations, entertainment bookings and other luxury services. When consulting with the agent, be sure to ask for teh entertainment options you desire at your destination; tickets to the latest concerts, shows, or gala events are part of your complete luxury travel package. With some advance planning your luxury private jet charter agent could arrange something special, such as a private tour of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, being a backstage guest at a live taping of a television program, or private events available by invitation only.

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