Private Jet Accommodations And Services

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What luxury services are available on a private jet?

Private Jet Accommodations And Services

Chartering a luxury private jet means getting better than first class service. Most people think of catered meals and customized in-flight entertainment, but a private jet offers many more choices, including the ability to get a flight that will comfortably seat the number of passengers you plan on having. Why cram 10 people into a small aircraft when a larger jet can seat them comfortably? Once you get them on board and in the air, you can provide an in-flight masseuse or hair dresser. When you book your luxury flight, you should be assigned a concierge who can discuss all these details with you in advance. All options will be explained including price structure, the kind of jet you'll need for the size of your travel group, and much more.

Some people like to combine business with pleasure on a luxury private jet. If you need a work space for laptop computers or other specialized equipment, you may need a larger jet to properly accommodate both the passengers and your work area. A small or medium sized luxury private jet may not have enough room for both, depending on the size of your party. Be sure to ask your concierge about your options for larger groups when you require additional space to set up laptops, portable displays, or other items.



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