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Can I Combine Charter Jets and Deep Sea Fishing, Safari’s, or Mountain Climbing for a Complete Adventure Flight and Vacation?

Combine Charter Jets and Other Excursions for a Complete Adventure Flight Vacation

One of the best ways to enjoy an all-encompassing adventure flight trip is to combine luxurious charter jets to deliver you to your desired location and then proceed to your chosen adventure. Whether you want to enjoy a deep sea fishing cruise or bare bones sailing trip, an exciting far off safari, or tackle climbing the smallest mountain or Mt. Everest, matching a wonderful private jet charter with the adventure of your choice can become your most memorable experience ever.

If you use one of the top air charter companies, most or all of your trip necessities can be managed for you, too. You can choose to have the “fun” part – finding the flight adventures that excite you – and leave the actual arrangements, much less interesting, to your air charter broker.

Even if your choice is to experience adventure flight with a trip into zero gravity, simulating space flight, or sitting at the controls of a fighter plane, using a private jet charter to get to and from your adventure destination only enhances the wonder of the trip. Flying where you want, when you want, in total comfort and privacy adds enjoyment to your adventure flight trip.

Are There Age, Height, or Other Physical Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight?

Possible Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight

In many cases, there are few restrictions for air charter adventure flight. However, there may be some occasions when age, height, or other physical restrictions do apply to flight adventures. Should you simply decide to take a short adventure flight on board a helicopter, there may be no restrictions, except possibly for having a minimum age. Sometimes these flights may be open to all.

Hot air ballooning often involves age and height restrictions for safety and security purposes. You probably agree that an open cockpit hundreds of feet in the air may be an inappropriate place for a young child, as much as he may want to participate.

There may be occasions when you want to combine charter jets with an adventure trip that also may have restrictions on minimum and/or maximum age of participants. These prohibitions typically relate to the safety and security of the passengers or flight adventures participants.

While flying in your jet charter to and from your adventure flight destination should result in a totally enjoyable trip for those of all ages, the specifics of your excursion may involve some physical restrictions. Always inquire in advance if your flight adventures involve any such restrictions.

As One of My Flight Adventures, Can I Book a Hot Air Balloon Experience?

A Hot Air Balloon Experience

Many veterans of hot air balloon trips will tell you that this is one of the best flight adventures available. There is no question that hot air ballooning delivers the true feeling of flying, albeit not overly directional, so to speak. Some have compared it to sailing versus power boating. In one case, you get to your destination quickly, but in the other, you experience the beauty and power of the water. Getting to a particular destination is secondary.

Use luxurious charter jets to get you to your destination quickly, then leisurely enjoy the wonder of hot air ballooning. Most flights are offered either early in the morning or in late afternoon, around dusk. The beauty of the day just after sunrise or just before sunset is spectacular and adds to your adventure flight experience. Prevailing winds tend to be their most calm at these times to provide a smooth trip.

Your air charter firm can have your jet charter ready when you want it. Enjoy the amazing comfort and privacy offered as you travel to your balloon location. They may even be able to make your hot air balloon arrangements for you along with accommodations, ground transportation, and/or other tours. You can concentrate on your adventure flight and experiencing the excitement of hot-air balloon flight without concern for the details.

Is it Possible to Book an Adventure Flight on a Fighter Plane?

Book an Adventure Flight on a Fighter Plane

You may have to search a bit, but you can book an adventure flight on one or more fighter planes. You even have a few choices of classic World War II prop-driven famous fighter planes, if you choose to combine nostalgia with adventure. Use the Internet or one of the best air charter firms to help you locate the flight adventures that excite you.

For example, if you believe piloting a MIG fighter, might be a wonderful adventure flight, you can! You could have a private jet charter luxuriously fly you to one or more locations in the Russian Republic. You can then actually fly one of the famous MIG's, even with no pilot training. Don't worry, there are dual controls and your companion, fully qualified MIG pilot can take over the instant you decide to do something dangerous with the aircraft. This adventure flight is guaranteed to make you a special person with your peers after you return home.

Choosing an adventure flight in a classic warplane can also be an exciting and wonderful experience. As time and technology move on, the number of options appears to be diminishing, but these flight adventures are still available in some locations. Using fast and luxurious charter jets to get to and return from your desired location, combined with a classic WWII fighter plane ride, may be the perfect match of comfort and excitement.

How Can I Best Use Charter Jets for Adventure Flight and Vacations?

How to Best Use Charter Jets for Adventure Flight Vacations

Depending on your adventure flight preferences, charter jets can be important components. Whether your idea of adventure ranges from a peaceful, tropical island to a sometimes dangerous trip down the Nile River, jet charter aircraft can get you where you want to go in ultimate luxury and comfort. The speed of charter jets combined with their ability to land at many more locations than just large commercial airports makes them a perfect choice to begin and end your adventure trips.

Using one of the top air charter firms, you enjoy the added advantage of their ability to make most or all necessary arrangements for your flight adventures. Even if you're planning on tent or outdoor living during your adventure, you'll still probably want comfortable accommodations before and after your excursion. You might want to book a complete adventure tour, have ground transportation issues solved, or have other trip necessities. Most, if not all requirements can be managed by your air charter company for you.

By using a jet charter, you will also enjoy wide flexibility in the times you choose to travel, choices of locations when leaving from or returning home, in-flight services (catering, audio/visual items, and, if desired, sleeping accommodations), and, of course, total privacy of your adventure flight plans and identity of your traveling companions.

Is It Possible to Schedule a Stop Over at One Location Before Proceeding to My Adventure Flight Destination?

Scheduling a Stop Over

Scheduling charter jets as part of your adventure flight trip allow you to act as your own travel agent. Should you want to stop for a day of shopping in London on your way to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, you should have that option. Conversely, if you're on a brief jaunt with other passengers exploring the Grand Canyon, any unscheduled touchdowns will not be permitted -- or wise.

Otherwise, your ability to accomplish a stop over at one location before proceeding to another should only be affected by aircraft and airport availability. As always, you should make this activity a scheduled part of your adventure flight so air charter firm, pilot and crew, and all other interested parties are on the same page. For safety, security, and enjoyment reasons, plan your schedule and schedule your plan.

Part of the wonder of using an air charter is the ability to create your own flight adventures. You are the captain of your own ship as long as your plans and requests are reasonable. This is a wonderful freedom offered by jet charter flight. Let your creative juices flow and design an adventure flight and trip that excites and stimulates you.

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