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If I’m Concerned About Fuel Consumption, But I Still Want a Charter With Both Luxury and Speed, What Are Some Good Choices?

Charter Aircraft with Luxury, Speed, AND Reasonable Fuel Consumption

If you're concerned about conserving fuel, but still want to be pampered and travel in style, you might consider one of the top turbo prop aircraft for your next business trip. The King Air family of turbo props offers you some wonderful choices.

You'll still enjoy the privacy of your own comfortable aircraft, no stranger looking through your briefcase, flight times when they're convenient for you, no embarrassing security checks, or other airport delays. You will still cruise the sky at speeds of around 300 miles per hour or higher for trips in the 500 to 1,700 mile duration. Enjoy the comfortable club seating while being environmentally friendly, too. Light jet charter planes, like smaller LearJet and Citation Jet aircraft, also put a premium on fuel consumption while getting you where you want to be in comfort – and quickly. With comfortable cabins accommodating four to eight traveling companions, you can conduct your business in luxurious conditions with turbo props or light jets. With the ability to use thousands of airports, you'll be able to arrive much closer to your intended destination than with most commercial aircraft.

If I’m Planning a Rather Long Flight, What Are Some Good Aircraft Choices for Comfort and Luxury?

Aircraft for Comfort and Luxury on a Longer Charter Flight

Longer private flights (2,000 statute miles or more) often generate some questions for even the most experienced charter aviation traveler. Along with the wonderful benefits of avoiding flight security lines, the embarrassment of needing to remove your shoes (or other articles of clothing), airport delays, and strangers looking into your luggage or briefcase, you can ensure that your longer flight offers the level of comfort and luxury you want.

Depending on the distance of your flight, you will find one of the top medium jets (e.g., Hawker 800 XP, Citation Jet - Excel or Sovereign, Astra 200, or LearJet 55 or 60) will carry you and up to eight traveling companions 1,800 to 2,800 statute miles in luxury. If you're planning a full transcontinental trip, one of the “super” medium aircraft (e.g., Gulfstream 200, Citation X, or Hawker 1000), with cruising ranges in excess of 3,000 miles, might be the perfect selection. Both classes offer stand-up cabins, wide comfortable seats, and plenty of room to stretch out. You'll also enjoy large, comfortable tables to allow you to both work and dine in style. To help you make the perfect choice for your traveling party and your specific needs, contact Blue Star Jets, the experts in arranging charter planes and plans for both novice and highly experienced charter aviation veterans.

What Flight Services Can I Expect With a Private Charter Excursion?

Unparalleled Flight Services with a Private Charter

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can tailor your flight services to suit your needs and wishes. Services you can expect with charter aviation include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Coordination of all airport necessities, including insurance certificates, security screening, arranging for flight tracking, fees, flight times, and transportation to and from the terminals of your choice.
  • Dining services. Depending on the type and length of your flight, you might select from provisions of a few snacks to full meal service -- with china and crystal if you so desire.
  • Entertainment services. Audio and video choices are often widely available.
  • Other custom amenities. You might have a preference for something as simple as hot towel service or more personalized features, like headrest covers with your company name or logo. Once again, the choice is yours!
The intrinsic beauty of choosing a private charter is the reality that you, not a commercial airline corporation, select the type of aircraft, flight times, and level of luxury you desire. Whether you select the business travel comfort of an Astra aircraft, the luxury of a Citation Jet, or the speed of a LearJet, you'll find the accommodations you want.

What Primary Questions Should I Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter?

Questions to Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter

A helicopter charter can save valuable time and offer some conveniences that a fixed wing aircraft may not. In addition to avoiding commercial airport lines and security, when you charter a helicopter you only need to get to the nearest heliport to catch your ride. There are a few items to consider before deciding on the best solution for you.

Will you be flying at night or over a body of water? Typically, your aircraft will need two engines for one of these flights. Your safety and security are increased having a second engine to draw upon if needed.

What is the distance of the closest airport from your intended destination? If the distance is unacceptable to you for time or comfort reasons, learn where the closest heliport is located. The answer may influence the type of helicopter charter that would be best for you.

One pilot or two is another common question you should consider. While it is likely that the charter aviation helicopter you select only requires one pilot, some clients prefer to fly with two as an additional safety measure. The choice is yours, assuming the seating capacity of the helicopter you prefer is sufficient for your prospective passengers.

What Are the Advantages of Selecting an Astra Jet Aircraft for My Business Charter Needs?

Astra Jet Aircraft for Business Charter Needs

Astra jet aircraft provide a number of advantages to the new or experienced business traveler. Originally produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and now offered by Gulfstream, the Astra has a long track record of success and safety as a preferred medium business charter aircraft. The Astra 200 will carry you and up to seven associates in luxury for up to 3,300 miles, making almost any destination in the U.S. within range.

For your working comfort, the stand-up cabin also includes excellent sized working tables to help you polish up that important business proposal in comfort. Along with avoiding the detailed scrutiny of security at the one of 500 major airports, your Astra airplane may be qualified to touch down at up to 5,000 airports, often putting you much closer to your final destination. You'll not only enjoy the sometimes critical need for privacy of business discussions, as the Astra aircraft offers amazingly plush seating.

The total security for your meetings will be enhanced with a luxury level not possible on commercial aircraft. Jet professionals can quickly put you and your companions in this wonderful environment when you need speed (around 500 miles per hour), privacy, and unmatched comfort for your next business trip.

Does LearJet Offer an Aircraft Large Enough for Six to Eight Passengers and a Longer Flight?

LearJet Offers Aircraft for Six to Eight Passengers and Longer Flights

While many people view LearJet as a leader in the private aircraft and charter industries, they often believe only smaller light jets carry their brand. However, you'll be pleased to learn that you can select from other LearJets that are larger with greater cruising range that enhance your private and business travel pleasure. For example, the LearJet 45, 55, and 60 all accommodate six to eight passengers in comfort and luxury. With cruising ranges from 2,100 to 2,600 statute miles, you and your passengers can traverse most of the U.S. without refueling stops whenever you need to cover longer distances. You'll also avoid the hassle of airport security and delays, enjoy total privacy, and travel in the pinnacle of style and luxury. If you're a current fan of LearJet, these larger versions of your favorite aircraft may be perfect for those longer flights.

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