Using The Latest Electronics Onboard Private Air Charter

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Can I make calls or send faxes while flying?

Using The Latest Electronics Onboard Private Air Charter

In today's world, it would be hard to not come in contact with something electronic. You can't get into a car that doesn't have all the gadgets, bells and whistles and modern private jets are no exception. For business or private, a jet can help you deliver an important document or send a birthday card while flying over Japan. It would be impressive if there were only one computer or multimedia center on an aircraft, but today there can be as many as three. Imagine multi-computer networking from any seat on the plan. A traveler also has the freedom to move around the cabin while talking on the wireless Satcom phone. Do your children like playing games? For some of those longer flights, your children can have hours of fun on a Playstation video game system.Day or night, you can stay in contact with the rest of the world from the luxury and comfort of a private air charter jet.



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