First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet

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What Is the General Cost Differential Between Travel in First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet?

First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet

Luxury private jet newcomers typically assume there is a huge cost difference between luxury charters and first class travel on commercial airliners. While you certainly have the option of spending a king's ransom on a luxury jet charter, if you wish, you might also find the difference of using luxury jets and commercial travel in first class to be minimal in relation to the amenities you receive.

In addition to eliminating long, embarrasing security lines, airport delays, inconvenient flight times, and being surrounded by strangers, you might locate flights that minimize or even eliminate cost differentials. These savings are sometimes offered by some of the premier air charter brokers because of their extensive expertise in the luxury travel industry. They know which charter companies may be offering “specials” or “sales” – cost savings that you might not be able to access through your own efforts.

They are also aware of empty leg flights, when a luxury jet charter must fly to another destination without passengers, which can result in a major cost savings. While it is impossible to provide an overall general cost differential between luxury jets and travel in first class, you might save 25% to 50% of typical luxury charter fees by using an empty leg luxury private jet aircraft.



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