Eating With Style On Charter Flights

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What kind of food will there be onboard?

Eating With Style On Charter Flights

Luxury flying? Don't forget to dine in luxury. Many luxury air charters have pre-set menus from their caterer of choice, but specialty items can be requested for your flight. Consider a special bottle of wine and caviar platter, and order plenty of snacks for you and your guests. Some catering companies that work with jet charter services sell a single plate price and others incorporate the price into the charter. Talk to your private jet charter consultant about dietary restrictions and any allergies you have to certain foods before booking your flight.

Did you know that in-flight caterers can also serve as event planners? If you're traveling for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or big business deal or celebration, ask your caterer for some ways to make the trip special. Birthday-cakes, special activities and holiday decorations can be ordered ahead of your trip. Usually, with creative planning, your holiday celebration does not start when you reach your destination - but it begins just as you step on-board your luxury aircraft.



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