The Ultimate in Luxury Travel is a Private Jet

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Is there any luxury left in flying?

The Ultimate in Luxury Travel is a Private Jet

When you really want to travel in style, a private jet, whether you own one or charter one, is the ultimate in luxury. The total control of your itinerary, your flight departure times, the size of the plane, the passengers you take with you and where you fly from and to, is entirely up to you. Personalization is the epitome of luxury travel. When you own or charter a private jet, everything is centered on your needs and wants. When you want to go, where you want to go, who you want to go with and in what type of aircraft you want is all up to you.

If you are going on a long-haul flight for your vacation, you can decide when it's time to eat, sleep or relax. You can have a masseuse onboard if you decide to or a personal chef. Remember when going to remote destinations, you may never have to make connections and wait for hours in overcrowded airports. Layovers could be a thing of the past! Charter jets have access to ten times as many airports than do commercial flights (which means that 9 out of every 10 airports is a private one), opening up many more destinations to you that may be off the beaten path, closer to your vacation spot.



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