Amenities You Miss When Not Using a Luxury Private Jet

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When I Travel in First Class What Amenities Am I Missing by Not Using a Luxury Private Jet?

Amenities You Miss When Not Using a Luxury Private Jet

Travel in first class offers some advantages not found in coach travel. However, there a number of amenities that you'd enjoy with a luxury private jet that commercial first class travel cannot deliver. Here are just a few advantages of luxury charters that you should consider.

  • Elimination of long security lines. Go right to your luxury private jet and board your aircraft.
  • No embarrasing shoe and clothing removal at security checkpoints.
  • Privacy. It is almost impossible to have serious business discussions on a commercial aircraft while surrounded by strangers.
  • Comfort and luxury. While first class travel offers more comfortable seats than coach, the seating cannot compare to a luxury jet charter. If you need to rest more than work, you can often convert your luxurious seat into a very comfortable bed.
  • Make your own flight schedule. Being at the mercy of commercial flight schedules, you have little choice when you will fly. Luxury travel on a private jet, however, allows you to schedule flight times that are convenient for you.
These are some primary amenities offered by luxury jets. Once you start flying for business or a luxury travel vacation on private charters, you'll enjoy other advantages that enhance your trip experience.



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