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Aircraft Leasing

Travel experts can help you evaluate the cost benefits of chartering versus aircraft leasing. We do not offer leasing as it ties you down for the length of the contract to a specific plane which you also have to maintain, pay hangaring fees for, plus pay flight crews and fuel expenses each time you fly. If you needs grow as they for most businesses, you now have to trade-in and upgrade, paying commissions again. The charters we do offer make you pay only for the precise aircraft you want to fly each time, once for a small group to vacation, other times a larger group to a negotiating session, and at other times an even larger group to an annual meeting. Each time the only thing you pay for is the exact cost of that trip, nothing else. No long term contracts, no other obigations. You pay for what you need and use each time, so why lease?


Aircraft Age And Purchasing

Some aircraft have particular aging issues. If you want to buy a particular private jet, ask an expert what aging issues are common to that model. Some types of aircraft develop technical problems such as "weep hole cracks" and other symptoms as they age. Other models may have their own age-related maintenance issues. If you can compare the condition of a newer version of the jet plane you want to purchase, you may be able to set a buyer's benchmark other airplanes in that class should live up to before you seriously consider them.

Why Should I Use an Intermediary Company to Purchase an Aircraft?

Using a Broker to Purchase an Aircraft

When you buy or sell a house, you go through a real estate agent. When you're considering buying or selling an aircraft, you can do it alone or use an aircraft sales broker. The advantages of working with a broker are significant. Brokers know the market, the current values of aircraft, the worldwide availability of various models, recent sales transactions and can negotiate on your behalf without the seller knowing your identity.

Brokers can also assist you in handling a simultaneous transaction of selling your current airplane, while buying a new model. This ensures that you are not left without air transportation, if that's important to you. They can also assist you by chartering you a plane before your new aircraft is ready to fly you.

Brokers have only one interest in mind, and that is yours. They act as your agent and will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Since they do this for a living they can be much more effective than someone who only does this every once in a while.

If I Want to Purchase a Personal Jet, What Things Should I Consider?

Purchasing a Personal Jet

There are some primary items that you should consider, in addition to any other personal issues or questions you may have, if you'd like to own a personal jet. This is a major purchase that should be considered thoroughly and with your personal preferences and desires at the forefront.

What type of private jet is best for you? What length and type of trips do you normally take? Do you already have a preference of luxury jets for sale because you've enjoyed one or more charter flights with certain models? For example, if you prefer Cessna products, become familiar with Cessna prices of models you prefer, look for Cessna aircraft for sale, and procure the history and safety record of all specific aircraft you're considering.

Cabin comfort and size are very important depending on your common trip length and typical number of traveling companions. Do you prefer a stand-up cabin, sleeping stateroom, seating that converts to beds, and large work/dining tables or other configurations?

These considerations should be evaluated before you look for a specific luxury jet for sale, consider sellers, or investigate financing options. Spending quality time evaluating your needs and preferences – and then relating them to specific private jet offerings – will make your search for and purchase of the best aircraft sales a successful experience.

How Should I Evaluate Websites That Offer Luxury Jets for Sale?

How to Evaluate Websites That Offer Luxury Jets for Sale

Considering the purchase of a luxury private jet for sale is a major decision. The nature of the market for luxury jets for sale can sometimes be a bit confusing. As you might expect, there are numerous websites offering aircraft sales and leasing services. For example, opting to make an offer on a Cessna aircraft for sale and/or financing such a purchase through the Internet can be a very efficient transaction, but you should know with whom you are dealing.

To evaluate the legitimacy and excellence of a seller, use the ‘Net to investigate further. If you search, you'll find any published negative and positive comments about the companies you are considering. Remember, humans tend to be more vociferous in their negative comments than in their positive praises. You can communicate directly with most of these companies and evaluate their responses to you. If a company offers financing options, be sure to have them e-mail blank copies of their disclosures, notes, and riders for your examination.

Get recommendations from others. For example, you may get positive feedback from people you know or others, whose opinions you might find on the Internet. Learn who the best aircraft leasing and sales organizations are. You should also consider the top air charter firms who typically offer aircraft sales of private jet craft with which they're already familiar. That alone should improve your comfort range. Wouldn't it be ironic – and comforting – to find that perfect Cessna for sale from your favorite private jet charter broker?


Aircraft Leasing Or Buying?

If you plan to buy a private jet, one major factor that will affect the resale value of the jet is the accident, maintenance, overhaul and repair records. The maintenance and overhaul history will determine what expenses the new owner may expect to incur. The flight-hours of the both the fuselage and the engines and the need for future overhauls and their extents will change the market value of the airplane as compared to other aircraft available of the same model and vintage. On the other hand chartering removes all these uncertainties and ensures you only pay for the flight you take with no future financial uncertainties to ever have to consider.

How does aircraft age factor into my purchasing decision?

Aircraft Age And Purchasing

If you want to purchase a jet aircraft, one major factor to consider is the age of the jet. Mileage isn't the only factor in the airworthiness of a jet. A 1997 National Materials Advisory Board study on aging aircraft focused on corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking, naming those issues as serious factors that alter the life of a jet. Corrosion is a major factor because a jet plane that has low flying hours can still suffer the ravages of corrosion over a 20 or 40-year lifespan. Not all aircraft damage comes from normal wear and tear. If you aren't experienced in evaluating such matters, it's best to have an expert look over a potential purchase for a structural evaluation.

What costs are associated with buying a private jet beyond the initial purchase?

Buying A Private Jet

Buying or leasing a private jet involves understanding specific recurring, non-trivial expenses beyond the initial cost of the aircraft. Jets require certain expenses even without takeoff such as periodic mandated overhauls, storage, insurance and licensing fees. When flying there are take-off and landing fees, pilot pay and fuel costs. Airplane owners can assist in the purchasing process because they already understand the expenses involved with owning and maintaining an aircraft. If you plan to add a private jet to your corporate operation, consult a experienced pilot-owner or flight mechanic on what financial impacts you should expect. You may also be able to get some free advice by contacting a nearby active duty or Reserve Air Force base to speak with an officer who also has experience with private aircraft.

Are air charter broker services available to anyone?

Air Charter Services Soaring Higher Than Ever

Corporate executives, athletes and government agencies have long been customers of the private aircraft industry. But today, private jet travel has extended its reach to entrepreneurs, families and adventure seekers. With varying incentive programs and empty leg flight deals (when a flight reaches it's destination it sometimes must return to it's departure airport empty), the use of a private jet by "everyday people" is on the rise. While private jet charters retain their luxury status, participating in a private jet service is not just for the elite. Today's private jet services go beyond basic travel options; access to helicopters for such services as relief flights and tours, and added amenities including in-flight dining and entertainment.

Is using a charter service safer than commercial travel?

Safety and Convenience in Charter Jet Service

In today's marketplace, air travel is at the forefront of ever changing demands for safety and security. Unfortunately, time and convenience have paid the price with longer lines at the airport, greater restrictions on carry-on bags and embarrassing invasions of privacy. That's why today more and more people are turning to private jet charter as a logical alternative to conventional air travel.

An air charter service works continuously to keep pace with the changing FAA regulations. Operating under Part 135 requirements – commuter on demand -- air charter offers convenience to travel when you, the traveler, needs to; not when a flight schedule says you can. You can feel safe in the fact that the charter service has made the convenience of your safety and security the cornerstone of their business. As an added bonus, private charter jet services offer additional services to protect the privacy of their travelers.

What are the specific aircraft that are offered by air charter brokers?

Becoming Familiar with Charter Aircraft

To better understand air charter service, make yourself familiar with the variety of true luxury aircraft.

Turbo–props are one of the smallest, but most multi-talented aircraft. They have the capacity to seat six to eight travelers and can reach speeds of 218-315 mph and flying ranges of 1,500-2,000 sm (statute miles). An example of a turbo-prop is the King Air 350 made by Beechcraft, which has leather seats, individual reading lights and air vents. It also boasts expansive view windows and polarized window shades. Other amenities include retractable worktables and a private lavatory. There is also an in-flight accessible baggage area capable of holding up to 550 pounds of bags or cargo.

The next class of aircraft available is the light jets, which has a capacity to seat five to eight travelers. It has two jet engines capable of reaching speeds of 400 to 480 mph and a traveling range of 1,600 to 2,000 sm. The variety of light jets is extensive, with such aircraft companies as Cessna, Falcon, Learjet, Raytheon Premier 1 and Hawker. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is capable of transcontinental flight with speeds of 511 mph while offering a full-size stand-up cabin that is more than 24 feet long. These jets have customized interiors designed by their owners, which means no two are alike.

The next class of private jets is the medium size jet, which has the capacity to seat eight to 10 travelers. This aircraft is capable of flight speeds of 510- 590 mph and have an average range of 3,000-3,500 sm. Companies manufacturing tbese jets include Cessna, Falcon, Hawker and Learjet.

The super medium jet has a seating capacity of seven to nine people and a speed of 490-590 mph and travel range of 3,000- 3,900 sm. Companies able to produce private jets in this class are: Cessna, Falcon, Gulf Stream and Hawker. The Gulf Stream 200 is capable of flying 3,620 nautical miles at speeds of up to .82 Mach and cruises at altitudes of up to 41,000 feet.

Jumbo jets are considered the airline class of aircraft and are popular with chartered travel agencies and tour companies. For instance, a party of 35 people can charter this type of plane from Cleveland to Las Vegas for the weekend. These aircraft are primarily manufactured by the Boeing and Airbus companies.

How do I get involved with an air charter service broker or get a quote?

Questions To Ask Your Air Charter Service Representative

Considering a private charter jet membership? Make sure you get answers to some of the more important private jet travel questions. Here are a few:

  • Where is the private jet charter company located?
  • Is there a membership fee?
  • What is the direct contact information? Will I talk to a real person or a recording?
Make sure to double check the contracts and services offered on the charter jet company's Web site.

What Is the Primary Difference Between Aircraft Leasing and Aircraft Sales?

Aircraft Leasing and Aircraft Sales

Aircraft leasing and aircraft sales typically involve two primary differences. One is legal and the other is operational. Both options provide benefits and challenges when you consider having your own private jet.

The legal issue is straightforward. In one case, ownership, you have legal title to your personal jet. If you choose aircraft leasing, you will not own the private jet. This difference may or may not be an important issue for you. The major issue is often the tax considerations, as they could be important to both lessor (owner ) and lessee.

Leasing luxury jets for sale sometimes delivers monetary benefits that have great value. The most obvious: conservation of capital. Without the requirement of making a large cash down payment and/or obtaining financing, your funds outlay is controlled and minimized. Another consideration is personal jet usage. Many experts recommend using a rule of thumb or break-even analysis of 300 hours of flight time per year to financially justify private jet ownership versus aircraft leasing or chartering.

Consult your financial and tax adviser before you find that perfect luxury private jet for sale and make an offer. Your need to have a personal jet at your disposal when you want it can often be achieved through aircraft leasing, ownership, or charter with equal satisfaction. The financial considerations may strongly influence your choice of method.

Should I Consider Fractional Ownership of a Private Jet?

Fractional Ownership of a Private Jet

When you are considering luxury jets for sale, you have more than one ownership option to choose. Classic, full ownership provides you exclusive use of the private jet you have purchased. However, sometimes the total cost of full ownership becomes prohibitive. At times, a partnership arrangement works well, assuming the partners get along personally and their schedules don't collide when they need their aircraft.

Fractional ownership of an aircraft might be a wonderful compromise between owning and chartering a personal jet. Here are some reasons why you should consider this plan when you decide to look for a luxury private jet for sale.

  • A corporation may enjoy some tax advantages
  • Initial capital outlay will be much less than the cost of full ownership of a personal jet
  • Your time is very valuable. Finding the right jet for sale may save you huge amounts of previously wasted time spent seeking aircraft and crews
  • Elimination of the opportunity cost of you or an employee endlessly surfing the Internet to find commercial flight connections that fit your schedule
  • Your travel budget results may actually be improved when compared to all the related costs of commercial flight, including your own professional down time
There may be other benefits depending on your personal and professional situation. Locating luxury jets for sale that offer fractional ownership may be found from aircraft sales, aircraft leasing, and air charter organizations.

What Are Some Ownership Options Available for a Private Jet?

Ownership Options for Private Jets

If you have become convinced that some form of ownership of a private jet is your preference, you should become familiar with the available choices to accomplish your goal. The benefits derived from ownership tend to vary with the legal vehicle you select to achieve having your own personal jet.

First, you should carefully re-analyze the three most prominent methods of having a luxury jet at your disposal: charters, leasing, or ownership. This exercise will either reinforce your initial decision to buy or point you in another direction. Consult your tax advisor for clarification of any issues that purchasing a jet for sale may create.

Assuming you continue to desire taking title to a private jet, you'll have three basic choices: full ownership, partnership, or fractional ownership. Full ownership often becomes a balance of funds and frequency of usage. Perusing luxury jets for sale if you're considering only two or three trips per year may not make financial sense. However, if you typically travel once or twice per month, turning a jet for sale into your personal aircraft may be a wonderful idea.

Owning a private jet on a partnership basis, if trip schedules permit, may be a financially prudent way to achieve ownership with cost sharing benefits. Fractional ownership involves one or more aircraft, made available by the fractional company, to part owners (typically at least 1/16th of a personal jet) on a regular basis. Once again, the obvious “trade off” is cost versus total control of a luxury jet.

What Are Some Questions I Should Ask If I Respond to a Luxury Private Jet for Sale Ad?

Responding to a Luxury Private Jet for Sale Ad

If you're considering responding to a luxury private jet for sale notice, you should prepare some questions that relate to

  • The private jet aircraft being advertised
  • The company or individual offering the jet for sale
  • The company offering financing and the typical terms that would be involved
You should learn all you can about the history and safety record of luxury jets for sale, just as you would a new automobile, yacht, or real property. If you find inconsistencies or gaps in the verifiable history of the personal jet, you're probably better to walk away from it. Unless you're dealing with one of the top aircraft sales firms or the best air charter companies you should use the ‘Net and other resources, if appropriate, to investigate the aircraft leasing or sales organization offering luxury jets for sale.

Evaluate financing companies and options just as you would when financing any asset. Get solid quotes on terms, including interest rate, repayment periods, monthly payments, down payments, etc. before making any commitments. Along with requesting blank copies of notes, disclosures, and riders that may be involved, ask for firm quotes, in writing, of financing terms (subject to credit investigation and the seller acceptance of your offer).


Buying Jets - Where To Start?

If you want to purchase aircraft the best place to begin looking is your private jet broker. The broker has resources to assist you in locating, evaluating, and purchasing the aircraft you desire, whether a small corporate jet, or heavy aircraft for international travel. When getting the assistance of your jet broker, it is important to remember that the broker is not responsible for managing or maintaining the aircraft. While you may be able to get help evaluating the jet from your broker, in the end it is up to you to decide on the purchase. Start your jet purchase "homework" at the website of the manufacturer for information on availability (or lack thereof) of replacement parts, upgrades, and other issues connected with ownership of that particular jet.


Buying A Private Jet

An excellent source of information on the costs related to private jet maintenance and upkeep before buying a jet is available from our jet charter company. If you take advantage of brokering services offered by our charter agent you will get expert help in evaluating and acquiring aircraft. An aircraft brokerage arrangement should include all information on the costs associated with the private jet aircraft you are considering.

What are some of the different companies associated with air charter service?

Different Travel Resorts and Groups That Work with Air Travel Charter

Air charter companies work with some of the finest hotel, resorts and other industries to bring their travelers quality and time-saving convenience. Among these are Boutique Hotels, Canyon Ranch, Cotton Bay, Atlantis Paradise Island and Blue Fish. There are also professional sports services such as TSE Sports & Entertainment, which offer sports travel packages. Other travel partners may include well-known companies, such as American Express, Go Trump, Visa and With the help of a personal travel agent assigned to you by the air charter service, making entertainment plans is a simple and painless experience. Another perk is limousine service for ground travel.

What are some of the costs involved in charter flight?

Understanding Cost Information of Charter Air Travel

The costs associated with charter flights include hourly aircraft rates or charges per mile, landing and parking fees at airports, customs fees, international charges, and taxes per person, per segment and taxes. There are various types of charter jet quotes to consider:

  1. Hard Quote: The price of the flight you were quoted will not change, unless you make changes to your itinerary, such as shortened or extended stays, number of passengers, etc. Keep in mind that hard quotes tend to round the flight time up in case of weather or delays. For example, you may be billed for 1 hour when your flight was only 50 minutes. Also, the charter company can also charge you a minimum daily rate to keep the aircraft for any extended duration. The normal industry minimum rate is two hours per day.
  2. Soft Quote: Prices are flexible and the cost will change as services and needs change. The charter company bills the exact flight time that was flown by the pilots. Soft quotes are also subject to daily minimum fees, so ask before you take the flight and read the fine print.
  3. One-way Quote. This quote is usually practiced in very high track jet routes and in busy seasons. The customer is normally someone who is staying in the destination area for a period of time so they are not required to pay for reposition of aircraft, overnights, daily minimum charges or parking fees. But, they do pay more per hour to use the charter aircraft.

Where can I use a private jet charter service?

Location, Location, Location

One of the greatest benefits of private charter aircraft is the abundance of locations available for clients to reserve a plane. Private charter jet companies have access to thousands of airports in the U.S alone, and some of them are used by commercial carriers, too, which adds a level of convenience to frequent fliers. As an owner of a private aircraft, access to private jet charter services including travel accommodations, flight itineraries and ground transportation are taken care of prior to the flight. It's important to note that air charters don't own or maintain their own fleet of aircraft -- private charter services are brokers of aircraft travel service, which means the number of aircraft at their disposal is not restricted by the size of their hangers.

Can I get help with the process of buying jet aircraft for my company?

Get Help Buying Private Jet Aircraft

Today's air charter broker doesn't just offer the best service in chartering aircraft and flights -- a private charter jet broker can also help you or your company buy private jet aircraft. Charter jet services work with a huge network of contacts throughout the airline industry and offer countless purchasing options. Private air charter brokers employ experts in private aircraft sales and management. Brokers have expertise locating private aircraft for purchase, finding competitve rates for your purchase, and evaluating the tax impact of your acquisition. In addition, if you already have an aircraft an air charter broker can help in bringing owners of planes and flyers together by arranging for charter usage.

What is a Private Jet Charter Service?

Jet Ownerships vs. Private Jet Charter Service

Fractional aircraft ownership entitles a purchaser to a fractional share (usually one-eighth) in an aircraft with total yearly flight time restrictions for a specific plane with a contract commitment. There may be other fees associated with the private jet outside the base package and in some cases, there are scheduling and availability issues involved with this type of program.

To avoid the availability restrictions, full purchase of an aircraft is another option for discerning travelers. In a full ownership scenario, the owner has full financial responsibility for all fees and charges associated with the inspection and upkeep of the plane. An advantage to this choice is the aircraft can be chartered out to other flyers in order to offset some of the costs. In addition, like fractional and aircraft leasing, the owner is restricted to the use of the aircraft they have chosen.

So, how does fractional and full jet ownership stand up to private charter services? With private charter jet services, a client has access to thousands of jets worldwide at any time. For private jet charter clients, experts and industry contacts are available for assistance and information. For example, with a private charter jet membership you have access to your own personal travel consultant and concierge to help in making travel plans, dinner reservations and even arrange ground travel to your hotel.

What about aircraft leasing?

Aircraft Leasing

Airplane leasing and airplane charter sound somewhat similar but are radically different. In a leasing arrangement there is a contractual agreement for paying for the use and expenses of a particular airplane over a long period of time (several years in general), regardless of its usage patterns. Airplane chartering on the other is a specific arrangement for individual flights as they are taken. In short, leasing has you paying for the airplane regardless if you use it of not, plus you still pay for the actual flight costs (maintenance, fuel, pilot pay, landing fees) each time you fly. Using a charter you only pay for the actual flight when and if you fly on it - ergo, no flying then no expenses.

Should I lease or buy?

Aircraft Leasing Or Buying?

Purchasing or leasing a jet satisfies an entirely different need than using a charter arrangement. Aircraft ownership (either purchase or lease) ensures that a single unique, possibly customized, aircraft is always ready and waiting for your call. It can be customized on the interior for the seats, decor and other amenities, plus painted in a special personalized manner on the exterior. It can become a completely personalized airplane, uniquely matching your personal preferences or corporate image. A charter airplane on the other hand is a more efficient and cost effective method of travel, but you have to accept both the exterior and the interior the way the current owner has it configured. Also some aircraft owners prohibit smoking in their cabins and may have entertainment or seating arrangements different than your preference.

Where should I start to look to buy a jet?

Buying Jets - Where To Start?

You should research the history and reputation of the jet plane you plan to buy. You may be surprised at what you find. The DC-10 once had a bad reputation because of an equipment issue that caused cargo doors to fall off during takeoff. The major issue? The DC-10 needed a modification considered "voluntary". Many airlines made the alterations on their own, but those who did not suffered mishaps because of the equipment issue. Do your homework when you consider buying a private jet to learn about such "hidden" issues that can affect your decision to purchase aircraft types.

What is the first step when you are in the market to buy an airplane?

How to Purchase an Airplane

The first step when you consider the purchase of an airplane is to identify your exact needs. The types of private airplanes include turbo props, helicopters, light jets, medium jets, super medium jets, heavy jets and jumbo jets. Turbo props are the lightest planes in the air, with twin propellers and turbine engines. These are good for short flights and can seat six to eight passengers. Helicopters allow the most accessibility for short flights. Light jets have pressurized cabins, offer fast travel over short distances and can carry five to eight passengers. Medium jets seat up to nine passengers and can go longer without refueling. The number of people you need to transport and the distance you need to travel will determine the model you wish to purchase.

Using a company that deals exclusively with those manking an airplane sale is probably your best bet. They know what airplanes are available worldwide, can negotiate the best deal for you, based on your needs and preferences. They can keep your identity private and keep your budget confidential. The sale can be conducted from the comfort of your office and the airplane delivered anywhere you wish.

Do the Best Air Charter Companies Also Typically Have Luxury Jets for Sale?

Luxury Jets for Sale

Aircraft leasing or sales offered by air charter companies might be from a variety of sources. One jet for sale may be currently owned by the company. Another luxury private for sale may have been given them on consignment by a private owner wanting to use their expertise in the market. There is another way to use the experience of a top air charter company. Assume you're looking for a Cessna aircraft for sale. Advise the company of your search and ask if they can try to locate a Cessna for sale that fits your preference criteria.

Using a top air charter company for your aircraft sales needs may offer you another advantage. They will often arrange for experienced management for your new personal jet. For example, you live in Seattle, but you find the perfect luxury private jet for sale in San Diego. You will want to house, maintain, and have your new aircraft ready to fly close to home. Arrangements need to be made. A premier air charter firm can often handle all of these necessities, too.

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