Start Your Luxury Vacation With a Private Jet

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How can I have a true luxury vacation?

Start Your Luxury Vacation With a Private Jet

Luxury vacation travel is equated with many things: five star hotels, world-class restaurants, one-of-a-kind spas and exclusive resorts. How you get there should be equally luxurious. Forget commercial airplanes and crowded airport lines. Don't be delayed by layovers or connection times that don't work on your schedule. Charter a private jet to start your luxury travel vacation off in style. Onboard you can have a personal chef, onboard entertainment and even a hair stylist. Make sure that your precious vacation time begins the moment you arrive at the airport. When your plane lands at your destination, you are already relaxed, pampered and rested.

According to, you may encounter those who charter or own their own private jets at these popular spots for movie stars and sports celebrities. Look for Ted Turner in Patagonia, Argentina or Tom Cruise in Australia. Bermuda is perennially a favorite of the rich and famous. The pink sands and pristine golf courses are a very short private plane ride from the continental United States. Many who own private jets may own private islands and why not? If you need privacy, convenience and have the means, the sky is the limit. There is no reason to travel with the masses when you can fly your way in first-class style.



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