Questions to Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter

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What Primary Questions Should I Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter?

Questions to Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter

A helicopter charter can save valuable time and offer some conveniences that a fixed wing aircraft may not. In addition to avoiding commercial airport lines and security, when you charter a helicopter you only need to get to the nearest heliport to catch your ride. There are a few items to consider before deciding on the best solution for you.

Will you be flying at night or over a body of water? Typically, your aircraft will need two engines for one of these flights. Your safety and security are increased having a second engine to draw upon if needed.

What is the distance of the closest airport from your intended destination? If the distance is unacceptable to you for time or comfort reasons, learn where the closest heliport is located. The answer may influence the type of helicopter charter that would be best for you.

One pilot or two is another common question you should consider. While it is likely that the charter aviation helicopter you select only requires one pilot, some clients prefer to fly with two as an additional safety measure. The choice is yours, assuming the seating capacity of the helicopter you prefer is sufficient for your prospective passengers.



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