Aircraft for Comfort and Luxury on a Longer Charter Flight

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If I’m Planning a Rather Long Flight, What Are Some Good Aircraft Choices for Comfort and Luxury?

Aircraft for Comfort and Luxury on a Longer Charter Flight

Longer private flights (2,000 statute miles or more) often generate some questions for even the most experienced charter aviation traveler. Along with the wonderful benefits of avoiding flight security lines, the embarrassment of needing to remove your shoes (or other articles of clothing), airport delays, and strangers looking into your luggage or briefcase, you can ensure that your longer flight offers the level of comfort and luxury you want.

Depending on the distance of your flight, you will find one of the top medium jets (e.g., Hawker 800 XP, Citation Jet - Excel or Sovereign, Astra 200, or LearJet 55 or 60) will carry you and up to eight traveling companions 1,800 to 2,800 statute miles in luxury. If you're planning a full transcontinental trip, one of the “super” medium aircraft (e.g., Gulfstream 200, Citation X, or Hawker 1000), with cruising ranges in excess of 3,000 miles, might be the perfect selection. Both classes offer stand-up cabins, wide comfortable seats, and plenty of room to stretch out. You'll also enjoy large, comfortable tables to allow you to both work and dine in style. To help you make the perfect choice for your traveling party and your specific needs, contact Blue Star Jets, the experts in arranging charter planes and plans for both novice and highly experienced charter aviation veterans.



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