Astra Jet Aircraft for Business Charter Needs

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What Are the Advantages of Selecting an Astra Jet Aircraft for My Business Charter Needs?

Astra Jet Aircraft for Business Charter Needs

Astra jet aircraft provide a number of advantages to the new or experienced business traveler. Originally produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and now offered by Gulfstream, the Astra has a long track record of success and safety as a preferred medium business charter aircraft. The Astra 200 will carry you and up to seven associates in luxury for up to 3,300 miles, making almost any destination in the U.S. within range.

For your working comfort, the stand-up cabin also includes excellent sized working tables to help you polish up that important business proposal in comfort. Along with avoiding the detailed scrutiny of security at the one of 500 major airports, your Astra airplane may be qualified to touch down at up to 5,000 airports, often putting you much closer to your final destination. You'll not only enjoy the sometimes critical need for privacy of business discussions, as the Astra aircraft offers amazingly plush seating.

The total security for your meetings will be enhanced with a luxury level not possible on commercial aircraft. Jet professionals can quickly put you and your companions in this wonderful environment when you need speed (around 500 miles per hour), privacy, and unmatched comfort for your next business trip.



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