Charter Aircraft with Luxury, Speed, AND Reasonable Fuel Consumption

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If I’m Concerned About Fuel Consumption, But I Still Want a Charter With Both Luxury and Speed, What Are Some Good Choices?

Charter Aircraft with Luxury, Speed, AND Reasonable Fuel Consumption

If you're concerned about conserving fuel, but still want to be pampered and travel in style, you might consider one of the top turbo prop aircraft for your next business trip. The King Air family of turbo props offers you some wonderful choices.

You'll still enjoy the privacy of your own comfortable aircraft, no stranger looking through your briefcase, flight times when they're convenient for you, no embarrassing security checks, or other airport delays. You will still cruise the sky at speeds of around 300 miles per hour or higher for trips in the 500 to 1,700 mile duration. Enjoy the comfortable club seating while being environmentally friendly, too. Light jet charter planes, like smaller LearJet and Citation Jet aircraft, also put a premium on fuel consumption while getting you where you want to be in comfort – and quickly. With comfortable cabins accommodating four to eight traveling companions, you can conduct your business in luxurious conditions with turbo props or light jets. With the ability to use thousands of airports, you'll be able to arrive much closer to your intended destination than with most commercial aircraft.



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