A Hot Air Balloon Experience

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As One of My Flight Adventures, Can I Book a Hot Air Balloon Experience?

A Hot Air Balloon Experience

Many veterans of hot air balloon trips will tell you that this is one of the best flight adventures available. There is no question that hot air ballooning delivers the true feeling of flying, albeit not overly directional, so to speak. Some have compared it to sailing versus power boating. In one case, you get to your destination quickly, but in the other, you experience the beauty and power of the water. Getting to a particular destination is secondary.

Use luxurious charter jets to get you to your destination quickly, then leisurely enjoy the wonder of hot air ballooning. Most flights are offered either early in the morning or in late afternoon, around dusk. The beauty of the day just after sunrise or just before sunset is spectacular and adds to your adventure flight experience. Prevailing winds tend to be their most calm at these times to provide a smooth trip.

Your air charter firm can have your jet charter ready when you want it. Enjoy the amazing comfort and privacy offered as you travel to your balloon location. They may even be able to make your hot air balloon arrangements for you along with accommodations, ground transportation, and/or other tours. You can concentrate on your adventure flight and experiencing the excitement of hot-air balloon flight without concern for the details.



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