Scheduling a Stop Over

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Is It Possible to Schedule a Stop Over at One Location Before Proceeding to My Adventure Flight Destination?

Scheduling a Stop Over

Scheduling charter jets as part of your adventure flight trip allow you to act as your own travel agent. Should you want to stop for a day of shopping in London on your way to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, you should have that option. Conversely, if you're on a brief jaunt with other passengers exploring the Grand Canyon, any unscheduled touchdowns will not be permitted -- or wise.

Otherwise, your ability to accomplish a stop over at one location before proceeding to another should only be affected by aircraft and airport availability. As always, you should make this activity a scheduled part of your adventure flight so air charter firm, pilot and crew, and all other interested parties are on the same page. For safety, security, and enjoyment reasons, plan your schedule and schedule your plan.

Part of the wonder of using an air charter is the ability to create your own flight adventures. You are the captain of your own ship as long as your plans and requests are reasonable. This is a wonderful freedom offered by jet charter flight. Let your creative juices flow and design an adventure flight and trip that excites and stimulates you.



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