Possible Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight

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Are There Age, Height, or Other Physical Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight?

Possible Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight

In many cases, there are few restrictions for air charter adventure flight. However, there may be some occasions when age, height, or other physical restrictions do apply to flight adventures. Should you simply decide to take a short adventure flight on board a helicopter, there may be no restrictions, except possibly for having a minimum age. Sometimes these flights may be open to all.

Hot air ballooning often involves age and height restrictions for safety and security purposes. You probably agree that an open cockpit hundreds of feet in the air may be an inappropriate place for a young child, as much as he may want to participate.

There may be occasions when you want to combine charter jets with an adventure trip that also may have restrictions on minimum and/or maximum age of participants. These prohibitions typically relate to the safety and security of the passengers or flight adventures participants.

While flying in your jet charter to and from your adventure flight destination should result in a totally enjoyable trip for those of all ages, the specifics of your excursion may involve some physical restrictions. Always inquire in advance if your flight adventures involve any such restrictions.



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