Notice Requirements to Jet Charter Companies with a Membership

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How Much Notice Must I Give to Jet Charter Companies to Reserve an Aircraft If I Have a Membership?

Notice Requirements to Jet Charter Companies with a Membership

Many people, particularly those new to private travel, are initially concerned with the amount of notice required by jet charter companies. Typically, around eight to twelve hours' notice is required, or at least preferred. However, when you charter a jet, required notification varies, depending on your preferred charter firm and membership conditions.

Jet charter companies understand that business air charter requirements can sometimes change or arise on short notice. For example, a critical business meeting must be rescheduled for 24 hours earlier than expected. You are at your office in Boston and need to be in Chicago. You need to go wheels up in less than five hours. Just call your air charter firm and tell them your problem. Most often, you'll find that the aircraft you want will be ready for takeoff when you need it.

For your maximum enjoyment and convenience, the standard eight to twelve hour notice – or more if possible – gives you the time to prepare and your air charter firm to make all your arrangements for a wonderful trip. Yet, should emergencies arise, don't hesitate to use your membership to its fullest. You'll find that your aircraft jet charter firm will do all in its power to have an airplane ready for you in the time frame allowed.



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