Luxury Travel on a Tight Corporate Budget

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Can Luxury Travel Really Be Achieved on a Tight Corporate Budget?

Luxury Travel on a Tight Corporate Budget

Sometimes there is a concern that luxury travel poses a serious challenge to a tight corporate budget. It's true that luxury charters combined with tight budgets are often perceived as oxymorons, but the reality often refutes that belief. When a group of executives needs to travel, the total cost of first class commercial tickets compared to the cost of a charter flight is quite comparable and will keep the budget mavens satisfied, too. If flight schedules require changing airplanes and a possible overnight stay becomes reality due to late departures, the costs of a charter actually may result in overall savings.

Consider using Blue Star Jets instead of a specific charter operator. Brokers are not owner operators, so your choices of luxury jets are not confined to their own aircraft. They have working relationships with nearly all luxury private jet operators, giving you a far wider choice of aircraft – and available cost saving deals. You might enjoy the same luxury jet charter flight at a reduced rate if a carrier wants to get their aircraft airborne.

Depending on your desired flight times, you might also locate empty leg flights to help with your budgetary constraints. You can sometimes save up to 25% to 50% on typical luxury travel fees by taking advantage of available empty leg flights that fit your trip schedule and you'll still enjoy first class travel.



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