Save Money Using an “Empty Leg” Flight for a Business Jet Charter

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Why Can I Save Money Using an “Empty Leg” Flight for a Business Jet Charter?

Save Money Using an “Empty Leg” Flight for a Business Jet Charter

"Empty leg" is a wonderfully descriptive term and perfectly describes reality. Booking a business jet charter on an empty leg flight can also save you and your company a great deal of money. Here's how it works and why it can put money in your corporate travel pocket and budget.

A business executive has an important meeting in Chicago, but also has to stay in town for a few days. She books a one-way charter corporate jet trip to the Windy City. But the aircraft must get back to Boston later that day to pick up another executive who has booked it for his business travel to Miami that evening. There is a 1,500 mile trip – empty leg – from Chicago to Boston. The business jet will be burning fuel, logging pilot time, and engine hours with no passengers. The aircraft owner has little opportunity to generate any gross income from this flight.

But, if you've just concluded your successful business deal in Chicago and need to return to Boston as soon as feasible, you might be in a perfect situation to save 25% to 50% on the cost of a normal business jet charter. The aircraft and its crew are making the trip regardless of your business meeting conditions or availabillity. Using one of the top air charter brokers to book what is your return trip on this charter corporate jet on its empty leg might save you and your grateful employer significant dollars. And you'll get home safely – and just as luxuriously – at a fraction of the normal cost.



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