Charter Corporate Jet Use vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

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What Are the Advantages of Charter Corporate Jet Use Versus Fractional Jet Ownership?

Charter Corporate Jet Use vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

Naturally there are advantages of both charter corporate jet programs and fractional jet ownership. While many business executives believe they can manage their corporate travel needs with partial ownership of a business jet, there are advantages to business jet charter programs that may be more attractive. Some of these advantages are at times overlooked or misunderstood.

For example, you are sometimes bound by an eight-hour notice to access your fractionally-owned aircraft, but you can typically arrange a charter corporate jet flight in less than three hours. This short notice availability might be critical at various times during your business travel year. You might have first assumed that as an “owner” you'd have faster access to your business jet.

Another commonly misunderstood business jet charter advantage is cost. At first glance, it might appear somewhat more costly, on a per-flight basis, to charter private business jets than to own one. But, many people momentarily forget the ongoing cost of maintenance, airport fees, and insurance necessary for ownership.

These two factors alone may provide the level of advantage you need to select business jet charter services instead of fractional or full ownership of an aircraft.



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