Citation Jet as a Private Charter

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What Level of Luxury Can I Expect if I Choose a Citation Jet for My Private Charter?

Citation Jet as a Private Charter

Citation Jets, the marketing name for business jets from the famous Cessna Corporation, does not note a particular plane but an entire menu of fast, safe, and luxurious aircraft. From the FanJet 500 of the late 1960's to the light and medium jets of the 21st century, the Citation family of private planes allows you to choose the level of luxury and speed you desire.

A Citation Jet is the perfect picture of the benefits enjoyed by those choosing private charter flights. From the speed and “stretch out” ability of the Citation family of light jets to the full-size, stand-up cabin of Citation medium jets, your choices of space, baggage capacity, speed, and cruising range are numerous and varied. When you complement your preferred aircraft with your choice of amenities, including audio/video, dining services, and, of course, choosing the flight times you want, you may enjoy your most pleasant business travel experience ever. Let a top rated charter consultant at Blue Star Jets help you relax in a cozy leather seat in the specific Citation Jet that is perfect for you and your traveling party.



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