Finding Free Air Charter Memberships

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Are their free air charter membership?

Finding Free Air Charter Memberships

There are many "free" programs that benefit the client, like "no membership fees to join" or "no maintainance fees" and "no aircraft acquisition fee," which in most cases, is tied to the administrative costs of doing the paperwork involved in air chartering. Other benefits include no monthly aircraft management fees and no long-term contract commitments. In addition, most air charters offer different levels of this free membership. The Gold or Silver level have particular privileges and deposit costs. Know that some memberships are better than others. You may think you have just joined an exclusive club, only to find out it really didn't save you any time or money. Asking questions before you join anything is always advised and don't stop until you understand the programs offered. Be sure to ask about membership cancellation policies and what costs may be attached if you withdraw.



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