What Dangers Are There in Air Charter Adventuring?

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What dangers are there in air charter adventuring?

What Dangers Are There in Air Charter Adventuring?

Such is life; there will always be inherited dangers in everything we do. But with something like air charter adventures, the risks go up. That's why it's important to follow all safety precautions issued by the tour company and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

A good first precaution to take is to purchase traveler's insurance. This protects the traveler's vacation cost against cancellation and interruption while also providing medical, lost or damaged property and travel delay coverage. Travelers are reimbursed if they have to cancel or interrupt their travel. They are also covered should the need arise for emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation and a number of other situations. It can be broken down into the following major categories:

-Trip cancellation coverage reimburses travelers who are unable to take their trip due to illness or death, weather, airline strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, becoming unemployed, jury duty or their home being rendered uninhabitable due to fire or flood.

-Trip interruption coverage reimburses travelers if they have to cut short their trip due to illness or death, weather, airline strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, becoming unemployed, jury duty or their home being rendered uninhabitable due to fire or flood.

-Medical or Health coverage reimburses emergency medical and dental costs. Almost all travel insurance plans work by reimbursing the traveler after they have paid locally for treatment. Claims are usually paid within seven to 10 days. Pre-existing conditions are covered by most policies if the policy is purchased within 21 days from the date the traveler made the trip deposit.

-Medical evacuation provides emergency transportation to either a local hospital in the event the traveler is unable to get there by themselves or back to a hospital near the traveler's home. If family members are covered on the same policy, they can return home also.

-Accidental Death coverage is split into three parts: Air Flight Accident covers death or dismemberment during an air flight only. This usually provides the highest amount of coverage due to a lower risk. Common Carrier covers death or dismemberment while traveling on public transport such as, plane, ferry, train, bus or taxi. Accidental Death covers death or dismemberment at any time on your trip and usually provides the lowest amount of coverage due to a higher risk.

-Travel Delay reimburses travelers for hotel, food or clothing expenses in the event of a flight delay. Some plans also cover costs associated with catching up to a cruise should a delay cause the traveler to miss the vessel.

-Baggage Loss reimburses travelers for lost, stolen or damaged personal items. This coverage is usually for the duration of the trip and not confined to baggage damaged or lost by the airline. There are two policy limits, total claim and per item maximum. Some policies also place limits on the type of items that can be claimed such as jewelry, laptops and sporting goods.

-Rental Car Damage reimburses travelers for damage or loss to a rental vehicle. It is designed to allow the traveler to decline CDW (collision damage waiver) coverage offered by the car rental companies. Liability coverage should still be purchased through the car rental company. Rental car damage coverage is also often included with the credit card used to pay for the car rental, which is often identical to the coverage provided in the policy.

A couple of other things to remember: medications you may be taking, airsickness, the proper identification (including passports) and any medical records of inoculations that may be required.



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