Corporate Jets Are Cost Efficient

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What is considered a standard business jet?

Corporate Jets Are Cost Efficient

The lure of corporate jets goes beyond comfort and convenience. In some cases, corporate jets are more cost efficient for a company. For instance, a company might buy a one-sixteenth share in a seven-passenger Cessna Citation V Ultra for a one-time fee of $375,000, pay a monthly management fee of $5,225 and pay an hourly rate of $1,318 for the 50 hours of flying it is entitled to in a year. Sounds pricey, perhaps, but after the one-time fee, the company's hourly cost to use the plane is around $2,500. Flying four people on a trip to three cities in a day would not only save time, but might also be cheaper than flying first class on a commercial jet.

What's the biggest advantage to private business air charter? Time. Many busy business executives use private jet companies to save time, and travel expenses, in the event of last minute travel. Private jet charter companies offer access to hundreds of airports with a wide variety of aircraft to choose from. If your traveling with a large party, small business air charter can work with you to fulfill your traveling needs.



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