Ushering in a New Era of Supersonic Jet Aircraft Tailored to Air Charter

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What is the future of the air charter industry?

Ushering in a New Era of Supersonic Jet Aircraft Tailored to Air Charter

In today's busy world, the demand for even faster ways of getting things done is greater than ever before. To stay on target with the changing world where less and less time can be afforded on travel or travel delays, the aircraft charter industry is staying ahead of pace with the supersonic business jet.
Imagine a small personal jet going twice the speed of sound, able to land almost anywhere and is always ready to fly in a moments notice. If you can imagine it, it might happen. Government agencies are working hard to make this aircraft possible. One hurdle facing the project is the sonic boom created and the regulations on noise. It was this problem that pushed the Concord Jet to an early grave. As it is now, no plane may create a sonic boom over land. But through advanced engineering and research, the company hopes to solve the problem and with a little help from the FAA. What makes this project so attractive to investors and engineers alike is the new wing design. According to Aerospace Pioneer Richard Tracey, this new design solves some airflow flaws created with conventional wing designs.



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