Becoming Familiar with Charter Aircraft

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What are the specific aircraft that are offered by air charter brokers?

Becoming Familiar with Charter Aircraft

To better understand air charter service, make yourself familiar with the variety of true luxury aircraft.

Turbo–props are one of the smallest, but most multi-talented aircraft. They have the capacity to seat six to eight travelers and can reach speeds of 218-315 mph and flying ranges of 1,500-2,000 sm (statute miles). An example of a turbo-prop is the King Air 350 made by Beechcraft, which has leather seats, individual reading lights and air vents. It also boasts expansive view windows and polarized window shades. Other amenities include retractable worktables and a private lavatory. There is also an in-flight accessible baggage area capable of holding up to 550 pounds of bags or cargo.

The next class of aircraft available is the light jets, which has a capacity to seat five to eight travelers. It has two jet engines capable of reaching speeds of 400 to 480 mph and a traveling range of 1,600 to 2,000 sm. The variety of light jets is extensive, with such aircraft companies as Cessna, Falcon, Learjet, Raytheon Premier 1 and Hawker. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is capable of transcontinental flight with speeds of 511 mph while offering a full-size stand-up cabin that is more than 24 feet long. These jets have customized interiors designed by their owners, which means no two are alike.

The next class of private jets is the medium size jet, which has the capacity to seat eight to 10 travelers. This aircraft is capable of flight speeds of 510- 590 mph and have an average range of 3,000-3,500 sm. Companies manufacturing tbese jets include Cessna, Falcon, Hawker and Learjet.

The super medium jet has a seating capacity of seven to nine people and a speed of 490-590 mph and travel range of 3,000- 3,900 sm. Companies able to produce private jets in this class are: Cessna, Falcon, Gulf Stream and Hawker. The Gulf Stream 200 is capable of flying 3,620 nautical miles at speeds of up to .82 Mach and cruises at altitudes of up to 41,000 feet.

Jumbo jets are considered the airline class of aircraft and are popular with chartered travel agencies and tour companies. For instance, a party of 35 people can charter this type of plane from Cleveland to Las Vegas for the weekend. These aircraft are primarily manufactured by the Boeing and Airbus companies.



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