Charter Flight Security Requirements

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Are there any identification requirements on a charter flight?

Charter Flight Security Requirements

Since 9-11 commercial airlines had significantly increased security procedures, resulting in additional severe passenger inconveniences and departure delays. The security procedures of private flights have also been increased, but with far less inconvenience to the passengers than at commercial airports. The best charter operators go above and beyond the requirements set forth by the FAA and deploy special techniques to ensure maximum flight security and safety. Such procedures are obviously secret to avoid any circumvention by undesirable persons. All flights require two forms of ID before passengers can board the airplane, not just to protect the private charter jet operation, but also to prevent potential misuse of your charter membership. The best charter jet operators allow transfer of membership privileges to anyone you designate and the identification requirements assure only the right person can fly the trip. Additional safety and security regulations govern travel with firearms and hazardous materials, please check with your operator for details.



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