Heavy Jet Charters

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How does a chartered heavy jet compare to a commercial international flight?

Heavy Jet Charters

Comfortable international travel requires an aircraft with the range and speed to make the trip. A "heavy" class private jet is a far more comfortable alternative to commercial air travel. Depending on the type of jet you can make arrangements for up to 20 passengers, and get much closer to your destination than you can with a commercial airport. One of the best features of the heavy private jet is the seating configuration. The Boeing Business Jet, for example, is vastly superior to a commercial 747. The Boeing has recliner-style seating very similar to what you would find in any living room in America, and seating configurations are often arranged in a casual way with plenty of wide open space surrounding the chair. No single-file commercial-style seating means maximum comfort and a much more pleasant traveling environment. Traveling in this manner means no invasive security hassles before boarding, and no delays while other passengers experience such scrutiny, and best of all, your clearance through customs is much faster than it would be on a commercial flight waiting in lines with a large number of fellow passengers.



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