What Is A Citation Jet?

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What Is A Citation Jet?

What Is A Citation Jet?

Cessna's Citation jets come in a variety of models, but the Citation X is the one of the fastest business jets available. Indeed, it is known as the fourth fastest private jet ever made, putting it in a class with the Concorde. The Citation, powered with two Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines, flies at subsonic speeds, and with a normal load can fly over three thousand miles. This aircraft can fly between New York and Paris about a 30 minutes faster than comparable jets, but its range is not sufficient to cross the Pacific ocean. The Citation X can carry up to eight passengers, though some product literature claims 12, many are configured to seat eight. (Running this jet with a heavy cargo load can reduce the range by up to a thousand miles). If your destination is about 3,000 miles and time is of the essence, the Citation X is your best bet.



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