About Astra Jets

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What is an Astra Jet?

About Astra Jets

An Astra jet is a mid-sized twin-engine jet that usually seats six in what's called a "stand up cabin," meaning plenty of headroom for the average passenger. These jets are good for executive travel, and often configured with two seat "face-to-face" arrangements with a fold-out table perfect for getting work done on laptops, with spreadsheets, and planners. Some Astras come equipped with a sofa-type seat for more casual discussions that don't require table space. Astras are considered medium jets so a high-speed, long-range trip is definitely an option. The Astra SPX model is advertised as a true seven passenger cabin,' if you need the extra seat, the SPX is definitely the model to ask for. Many Astra jets on the market include in-flight entertainment systems and satellite phones, but be sure to ask your travel expert about the phone option should you need air-to-ground contact.



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