Propeller Planes vs. Jets

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What is the main difference between propeller aircraft and jets?

Propeller Planes vs. Jets

When chartering private planes, there are three basic choices; propeller planes, helicopters or jets. The differenceS are range and speed. If you are traveling thousands of miles, a jet is the only way to fly. For shorter trips, a propeller plane such as a Cessna is a quick and convenient way to travel, and much preferable to driving. Some people enjoy the propeller plane experience because it conveys the sense of flying better than riding in a jet. The differences between a jet flight and prop-plane travel is much like the difference between driving a car and a motorcycle; the propeller plane journey is more tactile and noisy, the flier is more in touch with the actual sensation of the flight. Those who aren't comfortable with the sensation and noise of flying should choose the jet option wherever possible, as the smooth ride and larger passenger area offers more isolation from the noise and motion experiences of flight.



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