Important Decisions in Air Travel Commitments

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What are some basic considerations in commitments to private executive air travel?

Important Decisions in Air Travel Commitments

With private aviation, it pays to take a step back and survey the opportunities in private air travel. From full ownership to on-demand charter, the decisions can be complex, especially for fractional programs. Any model that involves ownership is going to have a greater cost and requires more legal assistance than the simple card programs. Even card programs can require careful planning, especially if you have to commit to one aircraft. The choice you make for one flight (long-haul personal travel) may not work for another (short business trips). Points to consider in making final decisions on choosing an air travel provider: up-front costs and any on-going and flight-hour expenses; the specific details of contracts, booking flights; the plan's focus on a specific timeframe, aircraft or travel pattern; similarity of experience across different trips; fleet size; safety assurance and plan flexibility and amenities. Just remember as your needs change so may the various types of air service you need. What may be perfect for you may not work for your executives. Being flexible and giving yourself the opportunity to mix and match services will serve you well in the long run.



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