Use Your Aircraft Jet Charter Membership for Flights Outside the U.S.

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Can I Use My Aircraft Jet Charter Membership for Flights Outside the U.S.?

Use Your Aircraft Jet Charter Membership for Flights Outside the U.S.

Whether you are a frequent international flier or only a rare traveler outside the U.S., most aircraft jet charter memberships welcome your trips beyond domestic borders. The only noteworthy differences that might apply involve the aircraft you choose and/or the notice that may be required.

For example, if your normal business air charter travel involves shorter trips, you might often use turbo-prop or light jet aircraft. Depending on your destination, traveling party, and sleep necessities, you might need a medium or heavy jet for this normally longer trip. You might want a sleep stateroom, larger cabin, just more stretch out room, or maximum air speed to reach your international destination. Your aircraft jet charter membership should give you the opportunity to secure the perfect aircraft at regular jet charter rates.

You may be asked to give somewhat longer notice to jet charter companies when you're going to fly internationally. Instead of a typical advance notice of eight to twelve hours, you may want to provide around 72 hours' notice for a trip outside the U.S. However, this is just a rule of thumb suggestion, so check with your air charter firm to learn about their specific notification requirements for air travel beyond U.S. borders.

Your jet charter membership will, however, provide you the most luxurious, comfortable international travel you've ever experienced. Your jet charter membership is another gift that keeps on giving – even internationally.



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