Access to Helicopters, Prop, and Turbo-Prop Aircraft

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Can Most Business Air Charter Members Have Access to Helicopters, Prop, and Turbo-Prop Aircraft?

Access to Helicopters, Prop, and Turbo-Prop Aircraft

Even if you typically charter a jet, you'll have occasions when you might need a different type of aircraft. You might need to get across a heavily trafficked large city, be at the other end of your state for a critical business meeting, or just need to get away for a long weekend a few hundred miles away. Most jet charter companies allow business air charter membership and guaranteed hours to include helicopter, prop, and turbo-prop aircraft access.

This graphically displays one of the major advantages of aircraft jet charter membership programs versus the also popular fractional jet ownership options. Instead of being “married” to one aircraft, you have a full menu of airplanes from which to choose. In addition to wonderful amenities, charter jet membership gives you total flexibility to fly how you'd like, where you'd like, and when you'd like. Obviously, using commercial air travel poses a serious challenge to this convenience.



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