Flight Hour Rates with a Charter Jet Membership Program

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What Flight Hour Rates Will I Pay When I Charter a Jet Through a Membership Program?

Flight Hour Rates with a Charter Jet Membership Program

There are a number of components involved in determining flight hour rates when you charter a jet through your membership program. First, you will typically receive a menu of choices of charter jet membership levels. This is a wonderful benefit offered by jet charter companies, so you can choose the membership plan that works best for you, not some third party. The jet charter rates normally reflect the level of service you select.

For example, you might simply want your membership to encompass flight hours, without specified in-flight services. Conversely, if you decide you would prefer to “package” other services (catering, ground transportation, audio/visual, etc.) with your membership, you may have a variety of options. The top jet charter companies give you the ability to design your membership level to fit your travel lifestyle.

Your jet charter rates are similar to standard aircraft jet charter pricing, but often include extra features that reflect the fact that you're a member of a highly professional organization. You may be offered standard catering services, no aircraft positioning fees, ability to upgrade to different aircraft, option to add one or more users to your account, guaranteed charter jet prices, or other amenities as part of your jet charter membership. You often enjoy a mix of extra benefits at standard jet charter rates by choosing a membership.



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