Typical Business Air Charter Contracts with Membership Programs

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How Long Is a Typical Business Air Charter Contract With a Membership Program?

Typical Business Air Charter Contracts with Membership Programs

While it seems that everything from country club memberships to cell phone agreements involve longer term contracts, you will be pleased to learn that most aircraft jet charter memberships have no contractual obligations. The goal of the top jet charter companies is to enhance your travel experiences, not to complicate them.

By using charter jet memberships, with some wonderful benefits and without any required long-term contract, members have total flexibility when they charter a jet on a regular basis. Busy executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, etc. have tight schedules that are often changed or modified. Flexibility is an amenity that is not only desired, but also often necessary.

Without the potential restrictions that are sometimes included in contractual agreements, you can enjoy excellent charter jet prices, a wide selection of business air charter aircraft, and extra amenities (catering, audio/visual, and other in-flight services) with a jet membership. By purchasing the flight hours you want and having a membership, you'll have the aircraft jet charter you want ready and waiting for you and your traveling party when and where you want it.



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