Business Air Charter Aircraft Choices with a Membership Program

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Are My Business Air Charter Aircraft Choices Limited with a Membership Program?

Business Air Charter Aircraft Choices with a Membership Program

Many people assume that when chartering business aircraft there are only a limited number of choices of aircraft. This is a common misconception about charter jet program options. The best jet charter companies, like Blue Star Jets offer jet aircraft of every available kind. Business air charter flights can be further enhanced by special benefits, like the SkyCard(tm) program that offers bonuses to its members. However there is never a membership requirement for chartering any aircraft.

You are never restricted to a particular type of aircraft, either. At standard jet charter rates, you might need a light jet for one trip, but a heavy jet or a turbo-prop for other journeys. Your charter trip allows you to select the right plane for a variety of trip needs at normal charter jet prices. You'll receive firm pricing for your business air charter arrangements, making both your accounting department and travel budget very happy.

You can feel comfortable that along with the many other financial and convenience benefits available when chartering aircraft, you will have access to all the aircraft offered by the air charter firm. There are never any limitations on the aircraft you are able to use, including helicopters and prop airplanes (if available), when chartering aircraft.



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