Aircraft Jet Charter Membership Vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

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What Are Some Advantages of an Aircraft Jet Charter Membership Versus Fractional Jet Ownership?

Aircraft Jet Charter Membership Vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

Fractional jet ownership was very popular during the 80s & 90s, prior to the appearance of aircraft charter companies. Purchasing a “part of an aircraft” could reduce the normally large financial commitment associated with full ownership. However, chartering jet aircraft offers far more advantages.

For example, owning a portion of one aircraft comes with many built-in limitations and expenses. You are, obviously, subject to the performance abilities of your aircraft, including air speed, cruising range, number of passengers, fuel consumption, and sleeping accommodations, to name a few. An aircraft jet charter arrangement offers you access to an entire fleet, from turbo-props to heavy jets.

Other potential benefits include no monthly aircraft maintenance and license or position fees, insurance or certification issues, and guaranteed ability to charter a jet when you need it. Finally – and maybe most importantly – you have no obligations to invest in an aircraft. Compared to a rule of thumb estimating 300 flight hours per year to justify aircraft ownership, you only commit to the exact flight you need to take.



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