Charter Plane Aircraft and Commercial Airliners Carry Similar Safety Equipment

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Do Charter Plane Aircraft Carry Safety Equipment Comparable to That Found On Board Commercial Airliners?

Charter Plane Aircraft and Commercial Airliners Carry Similar Safety Equipment

In most cases, your charter plane will carry the same level of safety equipment found on all commercial airliners. There are a few situations wherein a full complement of safety equipment is not required for optimum aircraft safety. For example, if you're taking a short flight and not passing over any body of water, life preservers are not technically required to be on board since they have no useful purpose. You will often find them on board anyway.

You should still receive a pre-flight safety briefing, just as you do on commercial airliners. Your pilot (or crew) will deliver passenger safety information to you. Your charter jet should also have a variety of commonly termed “survival” equipment, which may include material to start a fire, items to provide shelter, water (or material to purify water), and distress signal equipment.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires your charter plane to carry much the same equipment for airplane safety as found on commercial flights, including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, flash lights, passenger safety briefing material, and first aid kits. You should feel just as safe on a charter jet as you do on any commercial flight.



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