Charter Jet Pilots Have the Authority to Make Decisions

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Do Charter Jet Pilots Have the Authority to Make Decisions Contrary to Standard Aircraft Safety Procedures and Regulations?

Charter Jet Pilots Have the Authority to Make Decisions

Charter jet pilots are highly trained, heavily experienced, and certified to carry passengers under Part 135 of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's). Your personal well-being is secure, as is the performance and aircraft safety record of whichever charter plane you select. Much like the captain of a sea-going vessel, charter aircraft pilots have a wide latitude of authority.

As you might imagine, voluminous aircraft safety policies, procedures, and regulations exist that recommend or mandate standard actions to promote safety and security. In the overwhelming majority of situations, using these procedures ensure the highest level of airplane safety. However, just as when we are driving or boating, unexpected situations occur that create danger.

When dangerous conditions occur, charter plane pilots have the authority – often, the obligation – to take all intelligent actions that further protect passenger and plane safety. The higher, stricter training level of Part 135 certified pilots and crews, their experience, and their superior ability to evaluate a problem and act decisively to correct it, all contribute to a safe and enjoyable charter jet experience.



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