Private Airports: Perfect for Air Charter Travel

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What Makes Private Airports Perfect for Air Charter Travel?

Private Airports: Perfect for Air Charter Travel

Private/public use airports are often perfect options for air charter travel. Sure, they may lack some of the amenities of the 500 commercial airports, but you shouldn't miss that quality time spent in a gift shop while waiting for your airliner to go wheels up. Private airports more than make up for this by offering major benefits to airplane charter flights.

The impressive fact that there are around 5,000 locations from which you can choose is a huge feature to busy executive travelers. Instead of a long shuttle from airport to hotel or business meeting site, you should enjoy a short commute to your final destination. Not only will you avoid long security lines, removing shoes and clothes, and having strange people looking through your luggage and laptop, your personal security is much higher. Without the unknown thousands of people at commercial terminals, most travelers using a private plane will be busy executives, just like you.

The privacy factor of using private aircraft is well known and appreciated. However, there is additional privacy offered by private/public use airports. The only people who will know when you travel, where you travel, and with whom you travel, are those you have chosen to inform. Unless you are constantly surrounded by the paparazzi, no one will ever know your departure or destination plans.

These are but a few primary features that make private/public use airports wonderful choices for private aviation.



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