Amenities on a Luxury Jet Charter Trip

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What Amenities Should I Expect on a Luxury Jet Charter Trip?

Amenities on a Luxury Jet Charter Trip

You should enjoy many amenities when you employ a luxury jet charter for your travel needs. The list of benefits afforded by luxury charters is impressive. Here are but a few of the major amenities you'll enjoy with a luxury private jet.

  • No long security lines. While formerly a minor annoyance, since 9/11, this issue has become a major aggravation, even though the reasons are understandable.
  • No unwanted removal of shoes and clothing. Along with the delays from long lines, security procedures often involve the embarrasing removal of clothing.
  • Ability to choose flight times that are convenient for you, not the commercial airlines.
  • Total privacy. Even the best commercial airlines cannot offer any level of privacy during your trip. Luxury jets provide you with the privacy that you need, to conduct confidential business discussions, or want, as this is your luxury private jet.
  • In-flight services you want. You decide whether an assortment of snacks is appropriate or a multi-course meal is more preferential. You decide whether you want the music of your choice during the trip or when a full-length movie – your selection – is available.
  • Luxurious, comfortable seating. Large tables, perfect for civilized dining or concentrated work, complement wide comfortable seats. Want to take a nap? Many seats convert to comfortable bedding if sleep time will recharge your creative batteries.
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