How to Book a Luxury Jet Charter on Short Notice

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Is It Possible to Book a Luxury Jet Charter on Short Notice?

How to Book a Luxury Jet Charter on Short Notice

Business meetings are often postponed, moved, rescheduled, or take longer than predicted. These conditions sometimes dictate that you need to book a luxury jet charter on very short notice. Typically, this situation can pose a problem for a busy executive on a tight schedule. There are a couple of solutions to help you be confident that your luxury private jet will be available when you need it – even on short notice.

Even fractional jet ownership often requires you to provide up to eight hours notice to have your aircraft and crew ready to fly. But choosing to use Blue Star Jets typically eliminates the problem. Because they have relationships with all available charter jet operator companies, they are able to locate the best aircraft for a business trip or luxury travel vacation on short notice. Should you need to be in the air in four hours, they can provide the first class travel you want.

You might also find one or more empty leg flights scheduled to go wheels up in a matter of hours that offer both luxury jets and a cost savings of 25% to 50% less than normal fees. Your air charter broker has access to this information and can offer you this option. While short notice luxury charters can be problematic, companies providing this type of travel in first class understand the vagaries of business and can often supply the luxury private jet you want when you want it.



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