The Difference Between a Charter Operator and a Charter Broker

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When Looking for a Business Jet, What Is the Difference Between a Charter Operator and a Charter Broker?

The Difference Between a Charter Operator and a Charter Broker

There are many choices when you want to charter a business jet to make that important corporate travel trip. While many are excellent for charter corporate jet travel needs, there is a difference between a charter Operator and a business jet charter Broker.

A charter Operator often owns (or at least controls) a number of private business jets and is typically responsible for maintenance, licensing and other fees. They typically offer good quality charter corporate jet aircraft and reasonable fees. At times, some may have limitations that might generate some business travel flier annoyance. They obviously own a finite number of private business jets. Should you need one on very short notice, you might have a problem.

The top air charter Brokers operate on behalf of their clients and often have access to multiple operators and many more business jet aircraft. Short notice flights tend to be much less troublesome. Because of their relationships with various operators,Blue Star Jet brokers can take advantage of “specials” and “empty leg” flight opportunities to offer better deals at times. An Operator's first priority is to make money for the business, the Broker's priority is to make a deal between a client and an operator, thereby achieving the best possible deal available from all operators due to competition.

Both choices are good ones, but give serious consideration to air charter brokers if you want a potentially wider selection of private business jets and flight time availability.



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