Use Only “Part 135 Certified” Private Business Jets

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What Do I Need to Know When My Corporate Travel Department Asks Me About “Part 135 Certified” Private Business Jets?

Use Only “Part 135 Certified” Private Business Jets

Beyond satisfying your corporate travel department, you should satisfy yourself that any business jet charter you select offers “Part 135 Certified” aircraft and crews. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as part of their supervision and regulation of the air travel industry, is committed to the air safety of business travel fliers using charter corporate jet charters.

The Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) address all aspects of aviation in the U.S. Part 135 is the section that requires the more strict rules that apply to commuter and on-demand aircraft use. At times, there can be some confusion with Part 91 (covering private aviation) and Part 135 (commercial operations), but there is a difference.

Higher level aircraft maintenance and pilot training must be recorded and verified to achieve Part 135 certification. Any otherwise qualified pilot, without such designation, but carrying one or more passengers for “compensation or hire” falls under the Part 135 standards. Private business jets that carry you for your business travel requirements should be Part 135 certified for all the right reasons: safety and security.



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