Reserve a Large Business Jet

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Can I Reserve a Large Business Jet (e.g., Boeing Business Jet) for Extensive Corporate Travel Needs?

Reserve a Large Business Jet

Many people assume that business jet charter providers offer only smaller private business jets and turbo props. When the need for larger private business jets arises, even experienced corporate travel veterans are sometimes at a loss for solutions. Fear not, business travel executives. A professional jet chartering company can arrange for a super heavy aircraft, like the Boeing business jet, to carry you and around 20 of your associates up to 6,000 nautical miles to the destination of your choice. Of course, you'll still enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of charter business travel. Charter corporate jet travel means no security lines, no airport or flight delays, privacy, comfort, luxury, and scheduling the flight times convenient for you, not for the commercial airlines.

The luxury of a Boeing business jet is unmatched in the world of large private business jets. Not only will you reach your destination quickly (over 500 miles per hour cruising speed), but the stand-up cabin (seven feet high) and luxurious accommodations deliver the ultimate in comfort. Let Blue Star Jets arrange one for you when you need the extra room, have a longer trip, and want the pinnacle of luxury.



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