Some Hidden Benefits of Using Business Jet Charters

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What Are Some “More Hidden” Benefits of Using Business Jet Charters?

Some Hidden Benefits of Using Business Jet Charters

Most experienced business travel veterans are aware of the wonderful benefits of using air charter service. The elimination of airport delays, long security lines, embarrassing requests to remove shoes and other articles of clothing, and inconvenient flight times are all major benefits of corporate travel via business jet charter.

Yet, there are some benefits that are lesser know but, often, just as important to business persons. Asking yourself a few questions may illustrate some of these features.

  • Am I comfortable discussing sensitive business issues in the presence of many strangers? Even flying first class does not solve this annoying problem.
  • Am I really comfortable having many others know my flight schedule? Many executives feel much more secure when their itinerary is not public information.
  • Do I sleep well in a commercial airline seat on a longer night flight? Chartering a business jet with one or more beds can make a huge difference in your demeanor at a critical business appointment or meeting.
  • Have I ever had what appeared to be “perfect” timing and connections on a commercial flight that were destroyed by circumstances beyond my control? All frequent business travel veterans already know this answer.
  • Does fine china and crystal make commercial airline meals (if you can get them) taste better? Even the most experienced first class corporate travel executive normally has a quick, negative answer to this question.
These issues are not issues if you use premier business jet charter sources, like Blue Star Jets, to arrange your next business travel experience.



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