Astra Jets: Popular Business Charters

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Why Is an Astra Jet So Popular With Business Charters?

Astra Jets: Popular Business Charters

Astra has a long history of popularity with business travelers. The reasons many business persons are fond of Astra aircraft include the following features. For example, the Astra 200 offers:

  • Comfortable stand-up cabins. The extra volume space allows business travelers to stretch out and stay refreshed.
  • Luxurious, adjustable seating, allowing club or other seat arrangements.
  • Excellent air speed. With cruising speeds of 500 miles per hour or above, you arrive at your destination quickly.
  • Perfect for both shorter and transcontinental trips, with a cruising range over 3,000 miles.
  • Aft engines offer a very quiet, smooth flight. The quiet only enhances your already comfortable trip, whether you're working, meeting, or just relaxing.
  • The Astra airplane has a stellar record of safety and security.
Blue Star Jets can arrange all the details of your next business air charter, get you to and from one of up to 5,000 airports, and provide the level of in-flight service you want. They will help you decide if an Astra jet is the perfect choice for you.



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